ZONES: Music by Judith Lang Zaimont

This CD contains two piano trios by Zaimont, and features, in addition to pianist Joanne Polk, violinist Peter Winograd and cellist Peter Wyrick.  As well, ZONES presents, in its entirety, Zaimont’s most well-known piece for solo piano, “A Calendar Set,” which has 12 movements — one movement for each month of the year.  While very rarely played in its entirety, the piece is excerpted quite frequently.  Zaimont refers to his piece as her “Rachmaninoff C-sharp minor prelude,” because of the frequency of performances, over many decades.  Trios #1 and 2 are equally-exceptional music, and the last movement of Piano Trio #1, titled “Russian Summer,” is named “Romp,” which means “to have fun and enjoy oneself,” and this movement is a joy and a hoot to play and to hear.